Four Position Players The Astros Should Consider Trading For

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LaMonte Wade Jr.
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#3 LaMonte Wade Jr.

Landing LaMonte Wade Jr. fills multiple needs for the Astros. He hits from the left side, bringing balance to the lineup. He is an on-base machine that would deepen a lineup in need of help. And most pertinent of all, he can play both the outfield and first base.

Wade Jr. has made 45 starts at first base this season, eight in left field, five in right field and one in center. For his career, Wade Jr. has made 96 starts at first base, 95 in right field and 64 in left.

He's better at first base, where he's been worth five defensive runs saved this season. If the recent José Abreu resurgence doesn't last, Wade could step in at first base and bolster the team on offense and defense. If Abreu maintains form, Wade could spell him for off days and play all throughout the outfield.

The Astros were mostly healthy last season. Already this season they've suffered far more injuries. Wade's versatility would help keep guys fresh and his talent would help them contend for a title.