Five Trades The Astros Can Make Right Now to Contend

Whether it be a trade or an internal promotion, the Astros are in need of some upgrades with the trade deadline approaching. Let's look at five moves they can make with the trade deadline looming in an effort to contend.
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Lucas Giolito
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#5 The Astros Should Trade For Lucas Giolito and Kendall Graveman

This one would cost the most, but also could go the longest way for the Astros down the stretch. The Dodgers are believed to be in on Giolito, and it's not likely the Astros could top their offer, so Houston needs to strike first.

Giolito has made 19 starts this season, posting a 3.45 ERA for the woeful White Sox. He strikes out just over nine batters per nine and carries a 1.14 WHIP. He'd immediately bolster Houston's rotation and give them a viable third option heading into the postseason.

And Kendall Graveman has been one of the lone bright spots in their bullpen this year. Graveman has a 3.07 ERA in 41 innings this season. He was a rental at the deadline in 2021, but with his contract running through 2024, this time he would come with an extra year of control.

Graveman would immediately give Baker an option that can get leverage outs in the sixth, seventh or eighth, and even close out the game on a night Pressly needs off.

This trade would be a huge win, but it's also going to likely cost Houston Spencer Arrighetti, one of either Jacob Melton or Colin Barber, Korey Lee, Pedro Leon and maybe a toolsy prospect like Quincy Hamilton. Even then, the Dodgers may have more to offer.

But if Houston lands this package, and if their offense can stay healthy, they should enter October as the favorites to come out of the American League.