Five Trades The Astros Can Make Right Now to Contend

Whether it be a trade or an internal promotion, the Astros are in need of some upgrades with the trade deadline approaching. Let's look at five moves they can make with the trade deadline looming in an effort to contend.

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Blake Snell
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#4 The Astros Should Call San Diego For Blake Snell

The Padres will probably enter the deadline as buyers unless they totally fall off the pace, but if they decided to blow things up and sell, Houston should be first on the line for Blake Snell.

Snell would be a rental on an expiring deal, but like Montgomery before him, could be one they re-sign in the offseason.

Snell's first four starts this season were the stuff of nightmares, but he's allowed only four earned runs in his last 10 starts. His 2.71 ERA is fourth best in the game.

He's got a Cy Young Award and an ERA title to his name, as well as plenty of experience in the postseason. In 10 career playoff starts and 12 total appearances, Snell has a 3.33 ERA.

If the Padres did sell and Houston landed Snell, so many of their concerns would immediately be addressed. He'd allow for them to return to a six-man rotation. Valdez would be the ace, followed by Snell, Javier, a soon-to-return Urquidy, Brown and France. Innings on starters would be kept down, in turn keeping innings on relievers down.

And he'd give them an elite performer. It's unlike San Diego sells, but if so, Snell would be a steal.