Astros Rumors: David Stearns Emerges As Potential GM Candidate

St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

Could David Stearns make his way back to Houston?

As soon as David Stearns stepped down as the Brewers president of baseball operations, ears perked up in Houston. Stears previously served as the assistant GM in Houston from 2012 to 2015. A reunion after the dismissal of James Click made too much sense.

Stearns immediately quieted rumors that he stepped down to go elsewhere:

"I’m not going anywhere...I’m going to be here in Milwaukee."

David Stearns

From that point on, it appeared Stearns wouldn't be coming to Houston, especially with another year on his contract in Milwaukee. Reports surfaced that Dana Brown of the Braves was the clear frontrunner for the vacant GM position, which we covered here.

According to Ken Rosenthal, however, all may not be quiet on the Stearns front after all. Rosenthal is reporting that Jim Crane is "intrigued" by the notion of reuniting with Stearns, a former lieutenant of Luhnow. Stearns would be familiar with Crane's at times ruthlessly efficient method of operating.

It's unsure as of yet if Stearns would in fact leave Milwaukee. Crane would have to request permission from the Brewers' front office to interview Stearns. Two other times teams have requested and been turned down for permission to interview Stearns.

Rosenthal explained that if the Astros were to interview and land Stearns, they would likely be on the hook for some form of compensation, potentially even a player headed back to Milwaukee.

Rosenthal touched on other candidates the Astros could land: Dana Brown, James Harris-assistant GM for the Guardians, and Bobby Evans-former GM for the San Francisco Giants.

Of the rumored candidates, Stearns and Brown would likely be a cut above the rest. The Astros would continue to be at the forefront of analytics while having proven talent evaluators at the top.