Astros Rumors: Dana Brown Emerges as Favorite Candidate For Astros GM

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Dana Brown emerges as favorite for Astros GM

The Astros search for a GM may be coming to a close. In a now infamous move, Houston parted ways with James Click fresh off of a World Series title. The move wasn’t all that surprising if you’ve followed the Astros over the past few seasons, but it has been the talk of the baseball media this offseason. 

But as Houston has been prone to do this past decade, as they part ways with one party, they upgrade with a new one. 

According to Bob Nightengale, Dana Brown, Vice President of Scouting for the Atlanta Braves, has emerged as the “clear front-runner” to replace Click as the GM. 

This would be a slam dunk hire for Jim Crane. Brown has been the orchestrator of the Braves’ recent stretch of home grown talent they’ve acquired through the draft, specifically Spencer Strider and Michael Harris II, who finished first and second in National League Rookie of the Year voting in 2022. He also landed names like Shea Langaliers and Ryan Cusick that the Braves were able to leverage as trade capital. 

For a perrennial contender like the Astros, trade capital in the form of prospects is always a plus at the trade deadline.

The Astros have been a step ahead of the pack when it comes to developing home grown talent, whether it be via international scouting or through the draft. Brown would fit seamlessly into the business model Houston has built. 

Brown would also be the lone black GM in baseball. As Nightengale pointed out, he and Ken Williams would be the lone Black executives in charge of baseball operations in the game. 

Braves GM Alex Anthopolous reflected on Brown’s success in the draft, specifically highlighting Harris II and Strider:

"I remember Dana telling me he was a top-five high-school bat in the draft — he wrote it in his report as well — and that we had to take him. He wasn’t highly touted at all and Dana wanted to take him in the third round. I remember asking him if he was sure we needed to take him that high and he was adamant. He did the same thing with Spencer Strider (the Braves’ fourth-round pick) in 2020. I’ve been with him a long time and when he’s that convicted I stay out of the way."

Alex Anthopolous

Brown is the type of hire that would ensure Houston stays on top of the AL for a long, long time to come. Houston shouldn't drag their feet any longer. Dana Brown needs to be the Astros' next general manager.