Astros rumored to be shopping a promising, young outfielder

The Astros are believed to be shopping Jake Meyers this offseason.
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The Astros have areas of their roster they need to upgrade this off-season. They need to re-build their bullpen and land a backup catcher, but upgrades in their starting rotation can't be ruled out either.

Brown alluded to the Astros needing to get creative in trades due to a lack of financial flexibility. While the Astros pinching pennies coming off of seven straight ALCS trips, two World Series titles, and having effectively financed their most expensive player through the New York Mets to save over $50 million is a discussion for another time, it sounds like the Astros might be making a trade from a member of their big-league club as part of their creativity.

According to Jon Morosi, the Astros are shopping Jake Meyers and have had conversations with multiple teams about Meyers. Meyers has long been rumored to be a trade candidate.

The Astros may trade Jake Meyers this off-season

After Chas McCormick's breakout season, Meyers found himself no longer the incumbent center fielder on the roster. Mauricio Dubón's emergence pushed him further down the depth chart.

While he struggled at the plate this season, and hasn't regained his pre-injury form in 2021, Meyers should still generate plenty of interest. He's an elite defensive center fielder, worth 5 DRS and 9 OAA.

He has been a below-average hitter at the plate the last two seasons, but teams can always use world-class defenders with elite sprint speed. A team could be interested in a potential Meyers breakout at the dish with everyday playing time as well. Kevin Kiermaier is set to cash in this off-season in free agency and has been a below average hitter most of his career. Meyers presents much of the same value.

Add in that he's under team control for four seasons and is only 27 and his value only increases.

He isn't enough on his own to land Houston a superstar, but with a more shallow farm system, trading a blocked center fielder from the big league club and packaging him with say José Urquidy and a prospect could get them a seat at the table when discussing trade upgrades.