Going to watch the Astros on Opening Day is looking awfully expensive at the moment

Astros fans are clearly excited to see this team in action based on what tickets for Opening Day are going for.

Houston Astros Workout
Houston Astros Workout / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Houston Astros managed to navigate this offseason with aplomb despite having some self-imposed payroll limitations. Losing a big chunk of their bullpen to free agency was certainly less than ideal, but signing Josh Hader to anchor their relief corps goes a long way to remedying that problem. This is also not to mention that Astros still have one of the most dangerous lineups in baseball this season, so they've got that going for them.

All things considered, Houston has done little to temper fans' optimism heading into the 2024 season. Assuming they can get their pitching staff healthy, this Astros team could be as good or better than any roster they have fielded the last few years. Nothing is guaranteed, but the Astros look very strong and are as good a bet as any this season.

Fans seem to agree as the Astros are an incredibly hot ticket early this season. In fact, according to the data, Opening Day tickets for the Astros are the fifth-most expensive Opening Day tickets in the entire league.

Astros Opening Day tickets aren't cheap, but a key division rival is even worse

Coming in at a median price of $93 a ticket, going to Houston's first game of the season is pretty brutal. In addition to all of the enthusiasm surrounding the team, it sure doesn't hurt that Houston's opponent on Opening Day is a team fans truly hate in the Yankees.

Funnily enough, the Astros aren't even the hottest ticket in their own division somehow. Everyone knew that Dodgers tickets were going to be insane, but Rangers' Opening Day tickets are even more expensive than the Astros' at a $95 median price. However, a lot of that is driven by the World Series ring ceremony that is taking place before the game. That the Astros' tickets are close to those tickets is actually pretty remarkable.

If you are wanting seats up close on Opening Day, you are going to have to pay up for any of the top five teams in these rankings. Right now, sitting a couple rows behind the home dugout will run you almost $1,700 and, based on how trends are going, that price is likely to only go up on the secondary market as we get closer to Opening Day.

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