Astros News: Geoff Blum and Todd Kalas Set To Return in 2023 as Astros Broadcast Crew

Houston Astros Photo Day
Houston Astros Photo Day / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Astros announce their broadcast team set to return

News broke a couple of weeks ago that the Astros broadcasting duo of Geoff Blum and Todd Kalas were unsigned for the 2023 season. At the time, Julia Morales' status was unknown. Our legion of readers and fans all across Twitter responded to the news vehemently, demanding a return of the beloved broadcasters.

The trio of Blummer, TK and Morales have been with Houston throughout the entirety of the Astros' golden era. How could they not be brought back for another season?

Well fans, it looks like our baseball team heard our cries. The Houston Astros announced the return of their entire broadcasting crew for the 2023 season.

Not only is the dynamic television broadcast crew returning, but so are Robert Ford and Steve Sparks on the radio broadcast, Francisco Romero and Alex Treviño on the Spanish radio broadcast and Matt Boltz as the radio broadcast engineer.

This is massive news for fans of the best team in baseball. Each of these voices has become synonymous with the Astros and the memories the team has provided its fans over the last decade.

In the cases of Blum, Morales Ford, Sparks, Romero and Treviño, they were here through the dark days of the early 2010s. The arrival of Kalas coincided with the revival of playoff baseball in The H. Their voices are beloved in Houston.

They've also been a constant and steadying presence as the team navigated the after-effects of 2017. Blum especially has been vociferous in his defense of the 2017 world champions. Not bringing any of these parties back would have been a large miss by the Astros organization.

Thankfully, similar to their roster assembly, the Astros didn't miss in assembling their broadcast team for the 2023 season. Uncle Mike is back. Dusty is back. Montero is back. Jose Abreu has arrived. And now our broadcasters have all returned.

Welcome back one and all. We look forward to listening to all of you over the course of our next 100-win season coinciding with another World Series championship.