Alex Bregman interview after series loss to Braves is concerning for Astros fans

Is this a broken man?
Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros
Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros / Logan Riely/GettyImages

The Houston Astros have been swept three times this season. The New York Yankees cleaned up the first four games of the season against them. Then the Kansas City Royals took three in a row last week. This week? It was the Atlanta Braves, the team that defeated the Astros in the 2021 World Series.

Atlanta out-scored Houston 17-7 in the three-game sweep. The Astros made three errors -- two of which gifted the Braves runs. They went 4-for-24 with runners in scoring position. Bad baseball.

Now comes a six-game road trip against the Nationals and Cubs, but it's unclear if the Astros are ready to take advantage. They seem a bit broken after their 6-14 start (4-9 at home). And though they're usually a better road team, morale being at an all-time low isn't going to help their efforts on the road.

After Wednesday's extra-innings loss to Atlanta, Alex Bregman took questions in the postgame and looked as dejected and lost a person could possibly be. This is supposed to be one of the team's leaders alongside Jose Altuve.

Alex Bregman interview after series loss to Braves is concerning for Astros fans

He just says "ummmm" and "execution" over and over again, with no open-ended responses in a completely monotone voice. Obviously, these are difficult interviews to undertake when the team is down bad and the individual isn't performing, but my goodness.

On the year, Bregman is hitting .250 with a .661 OPS, two runs scored, zero home runs, four RBI and eight walks in 17 games. That's not the player he is, and it's even worse coming at the outset of his contract year. He remains the lone high-profile Astro with contract questions attached to him after Altuve was extended prior to the start of the season.

Injuries have rocked the Astros in the early going, but quite frankly they've been plagued by uncharacteristic play -- from Josh Hader's slump to Chas McCormick's backslide to Jose Abreu not existing to Bregman stumbling out of the gate.

But maybe let's get the energy up a bit? Because this is a troubling look.