4 former Astros who could be on the move at the MLB trade deadline

Here are some former Houston players who could have new teams by the time that the trade deadline passes at the end of July.
League Championship - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Six
League Championship - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Six / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The trade deadline is coming up fast and the Houston Astros have managed to defy the odds and play themselves into a position as potential buyers. Granted, it took a significant win streak to get to this point and the Astros are still only hovering around .500, which isn't exactly ideal, but it is significantly better than where Houston was when the month of June started.

There is going to be plenty of speculation about the Astros' trade deadline plans and rumors about specific moves through the end of July. There is already optimistic trade buzz about Garrett Crochet, and while that may be a stretch, there is at least a real argument now for Houston to try and make some moves. They've never been afraid to go for it before, and won't be now, hovering at the fringes of the playoff picture.

Astros fans' interest in the trade deadline extends beyond the front office's deadline plans, however. We all love to see how former Astros players are doing and who they end up landing, with even though the obsession can feel like internet-stalking an old flame. Here is a look at some of the former Astros that could get moved at the trade deadline this year, and how robust their markets could be.

4 Former Astros Who Could Get Moved at 2024 MLB Trade Deadline

George Springer

Astros fans remember all too well when Springer left Houston to sign with the Blue Jays before the 2021 season. He was an integral part of multiple deep postseason runs with Houston, including the 2017 World Series team, and many thought that losing him was going to be a painful departure that could help create a monster of a team in Toronto.

That isn't exactly how things have turned out. The Blue Jays have certainly been a very interesting team that made the playoffs in 2022 and 2023, but they have cratered this season, and Springer has declined significantly since dealing with multiple injuries during the 2021 season. He is now in the middle of a career-worst season, and Toronto is poised to be significant sellers at the trade deadline, with dealing Springer's contract among Toronto's list of hopes. My, how quickly things can take a turn.

Jose Cisnero

One has to go back quite a ways to remember Jose Cisnero's tenure with the Astros. During the 2013 and 2014 seasons, Cisnero made a total of 33 appearances with a 4.66 ERA before he parlayed a successful stint in independent baseball and the Mexican League into stints with the Tigers (and now the Angels).

While Cisnero is not playing well in 2024 and he is a 35-year-old reliever, he has a lot going for him as a trade option. He is on a one-year contract with the Angels, which will make him cheap to acquire in any deal, and he was a good reliever as recently as 2022. With lots of relievers always changing hands this time of year, and the Angels one of the few teams that are already locks to be sellers at the deadline, Cisnero could on the move.

Corey Julks

Julks was an Astro until this past May, when he became a casualty of Houston's roster crunch in a trade to the White Sox following his DFA. While Julks had some tantalizing potential with real speed and a bit of pop, it had become painfully obvious that his path to playing time with the Astros going forward was nonexistent.

After a hot start with Chicago, Julks has cooled off a bit and now sports a .229/.308/.385 line in 107 plate appearances with them. However, Julks still has value as a fourth outfielder and pinch runner with lots of team control left, and with the White Sox being willing to sell off virtually anyone that has a pulse, Julks may be among several White Sox players that will have new homes before the deadline passes.

Phil Maton

Maton was among a group of relievers, along with Hector Neris and Ryne Stanek, that the Astros famously decided not to bring back for the 2024 season. Maton ultimately signed with the Rays, and while the Cubs PROBABLY are going to try and stick in the NL Central race with Neris, and Stanek remains a key bullpen piece for the division-leading Mariners, Maton may be the most likely of the three to get moved.

Tampa's magic touch when it comes to winning despite their payroll limitations seems to have worn off in 2024, and Maton is another bullpen arm that is on an expiring contract who has had a rollercoaster of a season. Honestly, a reunion with the Astros may not be the worst idea, given Maton's success with the team during his 2.5-season tenure here (assuming that Houston knows that he is healthy). Regardless of where he ends up, consider Maton among the more likely Rays players to get moved elsewhere if they can find a taker for him.

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