3 trades for the Astros involving José Urquidy

If the Astros are to make a trade this off-season, it will likely involve José Urquidy. Let's look at three moves Houston could make.
Championship Series - Houston Astros v Texas Rangers - Game Four
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#3 Astros trade José Urquidy for Kyle Finnegan

The Nationals have some very nice young position players, but they have no starting pitching. They can move off some of their solid relievers to help address this. Kyle Finnegan is a name that's been rumored to be available, and an Urquidy for Finnegan swap makes some sense.

Urquidy immediately becomes a top-3 starter for Washington, likely slotting as their #2 behind Josiah Gray. If the Nationals then made more trades or signed a starter or two, he's a comfortable #4 as he has been throughout his career.

Finnegan was the Nationals closer in 2023, but he'd slot into a lesser leverage role in Houston behind Ryan Pressly and Bryan Abreu. Finnegan had a 3.76 ERA and 1.30 WHIP in 2023, and holds a 3.53 ERA for his career.

Finnegan throws gas, with an average fastball of 97.3 mph, but doesn't get a ton of swing-and-miss and instead lives by keeping the ball on the ground as much as possible.

Finnegan is actually projected to be a little pricier than Uruqidy, with a projected arbitration salary of $5.1 million. With their aforementioned financial concerns, this move would be unlikely unless there was another corresponding cost-cutting move alongside of it.