3 Reasons to Believe in the Astros Despite Their Poor Start

Houston Astros v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Jim Crane, Martin Maldonado, Dusty Baker Jr.
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3) They're the reigning champs for a reason

It sounds too simple, but sometimes we don’t need to complicate what is simple. The Astros have been to the ALCS six straight years. They’ve won four American League pennants and two World Series titles in that time.

Of the last five full seasons, the Astros have won 100 games in four of them.

They’ve got a roster littered with All-Stars, Gold Glovers, Silver Sluggers, ALCS and World Series MVPs, regular season MVPs. They have one of the 10 winningest managers in MLB history.

162 games is a long, long time. Over the course of a full season, the best rosters tend to win out over time. Houston is a roster that knows how to win. They will do just that.