3 pitchers the Houston Astros should focus their trade deadline efforts on

With 2 star pitchers down, the Astros should add one for their playoff run

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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Marcus Stroman - Cubs

Marcus Stroman as it sits right now is the best option out there for a starter that the Astros could bring in.  The Astros are reportedly very interested and have inquired about him as well, which leaves me to believe he would be their top target and for good reason.  

Stroman has had an amazing season so far, going 10-7 for a struggling Chicago Cubs team while posting a 3.09 ERA and 1.144 WHIP.  Stroman fits in at the top of the rotation behind Framber Valdez and would let young starters J.P. France and Hunter Brown develop in less of a high leverage spot in the rotation.  

Stroman has a career 3.57 ERA and has two different playoff appearances on his resume.  Stroman hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2016, so he would likely have a different result than his 2015 and 2016 playoff experiences at the start of his career.  I really like this option as it seems he would have something to prove in the playoffs as well, and that chip on his shoulder could propel the Astros to another World Series Championship.   The only downside is his hatred for the Astros cheating scandal, but hopefully as a professional that won’t get in the way and he can see the totally different team from the 2017 squad as just that, a different team.