3 Astros prospects that could get called up and help Houston in the second half

The Houston Astros made waves at the trade deadline. They could have some more help coming from the minor leagues soon.
Mar 12, 2023; West Palm Beach, Florida, USA; Houston Astros right fielder Justin Dirden runs to
Mar 12, 2023; West Palm Beach, Florida, USA; Houston Astros right fielder Justin Dirden runs to / Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
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Pedro Leon

One thing to always keep in mind is that once the trade deadline passes, every team is going to have to take stock of the minor league prospects that can get called up in the case of an injury. Versatility is super important in that regard and while Pedro Leon has some warts to his game, he could be a vital asset for the Astros if things go sideways on the injury front again.

In terms of pure tools, Leon checks a lot of boxes. He has a cannon of an arm which allows him to play all three outfield positions despite not being the best when it comes to reading balls off the bat. He has also seen time at shortstop and second base in the minor leagues (although it is probably best to keep him away from short) and he definitely at least has the arm to play third in a pinch.

At the plate, there is a lot to like with Leon. He has plus raw power that has played this season with 15 home runs this season and he can and will run with 38 steals last season and 14 this year. His aggressive approach at the plate can get him into trouble and could get used against him by big league pitchers. If he can make some adjustments to work the ball to all fields, this is a bat that could do some damage.

Because Leon is still a work in progress despite being at Triple-A, this isn't a guy that is probably going to take anyone's job right now. There are still just too many questions about him offensively to take that leap. However, in a world where the Astros have someone get hurt over the next couple of months, expect Leon's name to be on the short list of options Houston entertains among those not on the 40 man roster.