Race for AL MVP: Yordan Alvarez vs. Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge
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Judge’s early lead

Judge’s batting average so far this season is .313, significantly hire than Alvarez’s respectable average of .295. Moreover, Judge has 61 hits while Alvarez has 51. Judge has scored 44 runs, while Álvarez has crossed home plate 35 times.

When it comes to runs batted in, Judge holds an advantage with 42 RBI to Alvarez’s 34. Moreover, Judge has accumulated 134 total bases to Alvarez’s 108.

Too close to call

Both hitters appear neck and neck with discipline at the plate as Judge has walked 24 times on the season, just two less than Alvarez. Nevertheless, Alvarez has been more effective in this area, walking in nearly 13% of his plate appearances, while Judge walks slightly less than 11 percent of the time.

In runs batted in production, Judge has 42 RBI, while Alvarez has 34. Judge also possesses a slightly higher percentage of scoring baserunners when the Yankee has come up to bat, 14.5%, while Alvarez has scored baserunners at a less efficient 12.2% clip.

Concerning extra base hits that are not home runs, it’s a bit of a toss-up. Alvarez has five doubles and two triples on the season, while Judge has yet to hit a triple, but has notched nine doubles.

Additionally, Judge has three stolen bases, while Alvarez has yet to attempt a steal this season. But that could change if he feels healthy enough to get the green light following his leg surgery. A triple in Kansas City on Sunday might be proof enough to influence Astros manager Dusty Baker to give Alvarez a shot in the near future at swiping second.