Race for AL MVP: Yordan Alvarez vs. Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge
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Sizing up two heavyweights

First, if Alvarez were to be voted ’22 AL MVP, it would be particularly impressive for another reason — the 24-year-old has yet to be named an MLB All-Star. With his prodigious offensive output unfolding the way it is, he is virtually a lock for the AL All-Star team this year.

Judge, like Álvarez, earned Rookie of the Year honors in the past, but, unlike the Astro, is a three-time All-Star, and has finished as high as second in MVP voting throughout his illustrious seven-year career.

Both Alvarez and Judge have in common that they have not played in all of their team’s games. Judge has played in 52 of the Yankee’s 54 games, slightly less than 97 percent, while Álvarez has played in only 88 percent of the Astros’ games this season.

This underscores both players’ tremendous offensive production considering neither has played in every contest. But, as Alvarez has played less than Judge, it also emphasizes that the Astro just might be closer to Judge’s offensive capability than many might realize.

Consider the following. Both players amount of plate appearances this season are not quite identical — Judge has 226 plate appearances, while Alvarez only has 202. Could there be more untapped output for Alvarez since he has batted less than Judge?