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Houston Astros City Connect performance shirt
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Here is my overall verdict for the Astros Nike City Connect collection.

After waiting almost a year for this jersey, I feel somewhat disappointed. I think that the Astros stayed too conservative overall, sticking within the boundaries of the franchise history and not experimenting.

If the Boston Red Sox, with one of the longest uniform traditions in sports history, can release a city connect jersey with a yellow and blue color scheme, completely out of the bounds of their tradition, I think the Astros should have done the same.

However, without all the hype I made surrounding the jersey, this is overall a good product. It looks exactly like what it’s intended to resemble, a NASA space suit. They killed the space theme, incorporating all the elements necessary.

I just wish the star chart pattern would’ve continued throughout the whole jersey. The hat tries its best to make up for it.

Grade: B+

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