Astros: CTH Staff’s Predictions on where Carlos Correa will sign

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Houston Astros, Carlos Correa
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It could be painful to say, but the Yankees could put Carlos Correa in pinstripes.

Joe Fernandez

As of this writing, the Astros signed Justin Verlander to a $25 million deal with a player option for $25 million in 2023. Could this move influence Correa to stay and try and win one more World Series in Houston?

Or, does it prove the Astros are wanting to spend their money elsewhere and have moved on from their negotiations with Correa after their five year/$160 million offer?

It’s really hard to predict where he will land as there are five teams who have a chance to be competitive that also have the money and willingness to do the albatross eight to 12 year deal.

The Dodgers and the Angels are both always willing to spend big, and the Angels just finally came out from underneath their Albert Pujols deal. Are either willing to dole out yet another mega-deal to improve their chances at another World Series or a playoff appearance respectively?

The Yankees and Mets are two high-spending teams that seem to have no ceiling when it comes to how much money they’re willing to put out onto the field. Correa loves the spotlight so a big market like New York makes sense, plus he and Mets’ shortstop Lindor are Puerto Rico natives who would love to share a side of the infield together as they did playing for their homeland in the World Baseball Classic.

Then there’s the Tigers, who are an up and coming team in what is clearly the weakest division in the American League making a path to the playoffs easier. They have the financial flexibility to afford a big Miguel Cabrera-like deal and Correa has familiarity with Hinch as a manager.

The Tigers seem like the best fit in terms of ability to offer the years and money, having a manager Correa knows and is comfortable with, and the ability to become and remain competitive considering the division and the up and coming talent on the team.

That said, as painful as it is to say, I think he signs with the Yankees for a 10 year $300 million plus offer.  I hate to type that, but it’s where I think he will eventually end up since they can offer the years, the money, and most of all playing for the franchise that draws the most eyeballs in baseball.

The Yankees managers and front office (Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner) have all been posturing saying the past is the past and it will not factor into a decision whether to sign Correa or not, which means most likely they are going to make every effort to get him. I truly hope I’m wrong.

The only way the Astros have a chance to re-sign him is with a seven year deal in the $245-250 million range. Or who knows, maybe a one-year, $45 million deal to try and win it all one last time before re-testing free agency without so many talented shortstops available (I don’t think this will happen, but we can all dream.)

Prediction: 10 years, $300 million or more with the Yankees