Astros: CTH Staff’s Predictions on where Carlos Correa will sign

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Houston Astros, Carlos Correa
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Carlos Correa could just re-sign with the Houston Astros.

Zach Hablinski

Correa wants his money. He feels like he has earned it, and he has a great argument for it. Teams like the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets will offer him 10 or more years with totals over $300 million.

But, the Astros have to ask themselves whether that kind of contract is really worth what you’re getting. Correa is a superstar, but no superstar has lasted in his prime through a 10-year contract.

Correa is 27-years-old, so a seven-year contract around $280 million is what he deserves and is what the Astros should offer him. It makes sense as owner Jim Crane seems to be okay with offering him a huge deal, but looking at the history of contracts offered by the Astros, I don’t see Crane offering anything longer than that.

The Astros should sell him on the fact that even though it’s three less years than what he could get, he is the captain of Houston, and he has unfinished business.

This unfinished business is why he will not wind up with the new York Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers. Even if they offer him, I don’t think Correa has it in his heart to play for either of those teams, even though they are over the luxury tax threshold and are willing to offer him whatever he wants.

This is especially true with the Yankees, after his recent comments on their beloved Derek Jeter.

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The only option I see in this scenario are the Phillies, the Mets or the Tigers. The Tigers make the most sense of the three as he would have a reunion with AJ Hinch, with a solid young core around him. The Tigers will probably offer him 10 years, $300 Million, but I think it’s 50/50 whether he takes it over staying put. I can see either happening but I think Correa stays an Astro after this offseason.

Prediction: 7 years, $280 million with the Astros