Astros: CTH Staff’s Predictions on where Carlos Correa will sign

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Houston Astros, Carlos Correa
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Carlos Correa could stay in the American League West but with the Mariners.

Christian Espinoza

Astros’ fans, let’s just start getting used to seeing Trevor Story or Marcus Semien manning shortstop for Houston this next season. The Astros are reportedly interested in bringing in elite talent at the shortstop position while maintaining their long-term competitiveness.

I am interpreting that as the Astros are simply not interested in taking on the type of contract that Carlos Correa will command at the expense of future financial flexibility.

So, where does that leave Correa? Let’s take a look at the Seattle Mariners. Those who follow the baseball team from the Pacific Northwest know that they aren’t particularly well-known for making massive splashes in free agency in recent years.

However, the Mariners desperately need major league talent with postseason experience. The Mariners are well-coached, have a pretty solid core of young players and were still in postseason contention.

They do have a pretty solid defensive shortstop, J.P. Crawford, already. It is not completely inconceivable for a team to ask Correa if he’s willing to move to third base, where there is a vacancy due to Kyle Seager’s contract expiring. If anyone could make the move, it would be the 2021 Platinum and Gold Glove Winner, Correa.

Prediction: 10 years, $330 million with the Mariners