Should the Astros Consider Signing Adam Eaton?

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Sometimes the tiniest roster moves have the biggest impact, and that could be the case for Adam Eaton. The Los Angeles Angels designated Eaton for assignment Sunday, leaving a possibility he goes to another team, including the Houston Astros.

The question is, do they even consider it or do they keep giving their young platoon of outfielders fill the centerfield void full time, without any platoon veteran options. Let’s take a look at possible pros and cons of adding a player like Adam Eaton.

Should the Astros consider adding Adam Eaton to the outfield mix?


Adam Eaton’s biggest pros are simply experience. Eaton has 10 years in the big leagues and throughout his time he has won a World Series and has a career .276 average for those 10 years. Another huge benefit to adding Eaton would be his left handed bat.

The Astros lineup has 3 lefties starting on a regular, full health basis but the bench has no serviceable left handed bat for pinch hit situations and against a tough righty, another lefty bat option might provide a good counterbalance in the post season.

Lastly, as mentioned above, he has been through the tough grind of the playoffs and he has two HR and 10 RBIs in his one postseason experience with a .771 OPS, getting hits in nine of his final 11 games of the postseason.  The rookie platoon could prove clutch in the playoffs but the unknown is a risk that currently there is no option if it indeed becomes an Achilles heel.


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With all his gusto and confidence, Adam Eaton isn’t the most well liked guy in either the MLB or in Houston.  Being the guy hitting the go ahead 2 run single in game 7 in Houston, leading to the Astros demise might not be the best fit for a team hoping to once again bring the championship back to Houston, especially with all the vitriol that surrounded that World Series with regards to the sign stealing scandal.

Eaton also seems to be on a downward trajectory with his career average and power numbers sinking the past two seasons, with a collective .201 average this year, and a .226  in 2020, hence his DFA status.

In the end it’s not up to any of us but, as fans you decide, do you want him?  Is it worth it? Or will it be unneeded?  I like Meyers a lot and McCormick has shown flashes as well.  Let me know your thoughts.

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