Astros: Joey Votto baffled by the idea of others not cheating


Joey Votto is baffled by the thought by the Astros being the only team to cheat.

The Houston Astros are currently in a two-game set with the Los Angeles Dodgers, whose fans have shown their worst in the stands at Dodger Stadium. Booing is understandable and expected, but some fans have gone to unacceptable lengths, trying to cause harm to other fans and players.

In early 2020, opposing players announced their disapproval with what the Astros did during the 2017 season, but now time has past, and some players are speaking out in defense. Joey Votto, first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, told the Dan Patrick Show that “the idea that they (the Astros) were the only ones doing something wrong baffles me.”

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While other reporters have dropped allegations against current MLB players and teams, Ryan Spaeder took to Twitter once again. For those that don’t remember, Spaeder released a series of allegations of recent cheating scandals that have been told to him by players and personnel throughout the league.

Then out the blue, he deleted all his Tweets and apologized for any damage he caused. We didn’t hear much from Spaeder again, as the analyst went back to reporting on statistics and betting.

On Wednesday, he took to Twitter again, telling Votto to get his lawyer ready. For some Astros’ fans, there was a conspiracy that he deleted his Tweets due to MLB taking action in response to what he reported.

While we don’t know the truth and have evidence to back up the allegations that Spaeder reported, it is interesting that players like Votto are finally joining the conversation. The left-hander has been very vocal about his opinion in the past as well.

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