Astros: Dodgers’ fans cross the line once again

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Jose Altuve’s batting practice consisted of home runs, boos and fans throwing balls back onto a field full of players.

The Houston Astros entered an expected hostile crowd at Dodger Stadium to thousands of angry Los Angeles Dodgers fans, as expected. Any fan would be mad about their favorite team losing the World Series to a team caught cheating, even if said team didn’t cheat in the postseason.

While many expected an electric environment, Dodgers’ fans crossed the line once again, as they hurled home runs balls from batting practice back onto the field. We saw a New York Yankees‘ fan throw a ball at Alex Verdugo last month during a contest with the Boston Red Sox, while Dodgers fans looked to be even less civil.

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Dodgers’ fans have a history of unlawful conduct at baseball games, but why throw projectiles back on a field full of player shagging balls for no reason? Just because a couple players cheated during a baseball season doesn’t mean you should cause physical harm to them.

Dodgers’ fans also spread the hotel address for the Astros, and although nothing was reported on that situation, why even go to those lengths? They also dropped am inflatable trash can on the field an inning into the game, which was expected at some point.

There is much more to the game, and this act proves that select Dodgers’ fans have malicious intent when entering the stadium. Booing is expected wherever Houston plays but throwing baseballs back onto the field should be a forethought.

Even if they were looking to throw opposing balls back, as many fans do during the game, it doesn’t sound friendly right now at Dodger Stadium. Zack Greinke was also tasked to collect the balls thrown back, during batting practice.

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