Astros: 3 moves that would happen if Twitter took the reins

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Move #3 by Astros Twitter: Extend Carlos Correa

The organization hasn’t been known to extend long-term since Crane bought the team. The facts are there, and it’s also been said verbatim by Carlos Correa. The All-Star shortstop is looking for that “big, long contract” that the Astros aren’t offering. While being an undisputed leader and captain of the clubhouse, many fans want him in Houston for life.

Others see him asking for too much and pushing his value, but with Correa expected to enter free agency, the door is open for him to walk through. The front office is open to more talks, and with Twitter users at the helm, they would grace him with a blank check.

It feels like a 80% to 20% difference of people on Correa’s side rather than the team’s checkbook, but with the season nearing June, this notion is far from happening. Twitter would fire Click and buy the team from Crane to make this happen.

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An honorary mention would be ridding Myles Straw of the lineup and looking into a trade. While trying to play in George Springer’s shadow, Straw’s confidence can only get him so far, which has fans calling it the last straw.