Astros: 2 prospects that could make their debut this year

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As of late, the Houston Astros bullpen continues to make adjustments with injuries circling key arms. A healthy staff is hard to come by for a whole season, while some of these pitchers had delayed progressions with quicker rampage of time before the season started.

With George Springer’s void still not finding a true replacement, Myles Straw is still dealing with issues at the plate and reads in the field. Pedro Leon was once deemed the future of the position, but with the right-hander working at shortstop, who knows what is in store for the Cuban standout.

While the Astros don’t have one of the strongest farm systems in baseball, there isn’t many star studded replacements, but two names could see their major league debuts this season.

From a few minor league signings to the remnants of what Jeff Luhnow once drafted or found in the international signing period, the Astros have a fun team that is throttling competitions in Sugar Land. While the big question is always whether or not it will transfer over, Tyler Ivey and Jose Siri are two prospects that could eventually see time in the major leagues, but it all comes down to the numbers.

Tyler Ivey

From changing his wind up to being an anticipated big leaguer in 2021, Tyler Ivey could benefit from a major league stint this season. While being a 40-man roster member, the right-hander won’t require a DFA or trade to make it to the roster. The only issue is with the Astros dealing with so many issues of arms staying healthy, Ivey wasn’t looked to as a replacement.

In two appearances thus far, the 25-year-old has posted a 7.11 ERA in 6.1 innings of work. While you have to remember that it is early in the minor league season, Ivey has kept his strikeout rate up again (12.8) and looks like he could be more effective out of the pen. Injuries will come and go, and while entering the dog days of summer next month, it would behoove the Astros to test a quick major league evaluation for Ivey.

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Jose Siri

With Straw continuing to struggle at the plate, the right-hander hasn’t read outs as well as expected. There is currently no minor league outfielders on the 40-man roster, so the possibilities of bringing up a minor leaguer are tougher than usual. Chas McCormick has slugged in his most recent games, but the right-handed hitter still needs more playing time in the fourth outfielding spot.

If these two don’t pick up slack in the lineup and field, then the Astros could turn to Jose Siri. While being a journeyman through the minor league system, Siri was once a highly ranked prospect, but a lack of a strong plate discipline has led to struggles down the stretch. Currently, the right-hander is slashing .436/.463/.795 with three home runs and 20 RBIs. While killing the ball, the outfielder has only two walks to his 12 strikeouts.

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Both players come with their own struggles that should be fixed through their minor league seasons, but as they are both 25-years-old, their professional baseball clocks are ticking. Siri would have to keep his early success alive to make his debut, but a DFA or trade would be needed to add the right-hander.