Astros: Prospect Kent Emanuel digs deeper into his suspension

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Mandatory Credit: Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports /

While Kent Emanuel was suspended 80 games in August of 2020 for the use of Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (Oral Turinabol), the Houston Astros‘ prospect has done nothing but fight to prove his innocence and the little known facts behind the performance enhancing substance. As a member of the 40-man roster at the time, the left-hander was moved to the restricted list and is still serving his suspension to this day.

On Aug. 7, 2020, Emanuel posted his first recorded video of innocence to his own personal Instagram, while the left-hander was proving he was wrongfully suspended. As many suspended players will take their suspension or plead their innocence, their hasn’t been an in depth analysis from any player in the league like Emanuel’s.

An MLB response is needed for Kent Emanuel’s findings on Oral-T.

From highly researched material on the drug to proven facts about how the caught dosage doesn’t affect a player’s game, Emanuel implores MLB to do more research and asks the question of whether they are looking to suspend players for an even playing ground and not looking more into the PED. While releasing another informational video to his Instagram, Emanuel continues his own personal research along with scientists in a lab to prove the actual effect Oral-T has on athletes.

“The conflict of interest that is presented to scientists in the anti doping labs – when it comes to helping players – has kept us from getting any help,” Emanuel explained.

Emanuel doesn’t have an idea how the drug entered his system, and before you jump to the conclusion of how many players would come to their own defense, the Astros’ prospect has dug deep into his own research. The testing of personal care products to other everyday consumptions haven’t been helpful, but while looking for such a small dose, it is a tough task to trace the drug.

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This old-school drug hasn’t been fully tested or proven to be enhancing an athlete’s performance, and as MLB keeps their suspensions coming, more information is proving the uselessness behind the suspending. While it doesn’t provide any positives to Emanuel’s pitching, the dosage he was suspended for is not capable of effecting the left-hander or be traced back to its true origin.

While many other players in his situation, facing a suspension that doesn’t affect an athlete’s ability has led to many battles with the league. Since 2015, an unconfirmed number of 19 players have tested positive, but a few players’ paperwork have not come forward.

As it doesn’t seem MLB is taking true research into account, Emanuel will have to fully serve his suspension, which ends on April 22, 2021, and will acquire a corresponding move to add him back to the 40-man roster. While backed by an effective spring training, Emanuel posted an ERA of 1.08 across four outings and was highlighted as needed potential by Manager Dusty Baker.

“I hope this can prevent more innocent players from getting suspended,” Emanuel said. “And I hope all of the innocent players that have already been suspended get exonerated.”

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