Astros: 5-2 loss in ALCS puts 2020 season on the ropes

The Houston Astros lost 5-2 in Game 3 of the ALCS, facing elimination tonight

Before we dive in to what went wrong last night for our beloved Houston Astros, I wanted to properly introduce myself to the Climbing Tal’s Hill community and say that I am incredibly excited to be here on CTH covering my favorite baseball team and everything that goes with it. I spent three years covering Houston sports on House of Houston and am incredibly grateful for the time I spent there with great people.

Now about last night….

Coming into last night, I wanted to remain optimistic that this Houston Astros team had it in them to put some pressure on the Rays to make this a competitive series. However, the team that I saw last night was a shell of its former self. What happened to the powerful offense we saw in the ALDS against Oakland? I know our pitching staff is young and inexperienced, but they seemed to hold their own against Oakland. What happened to this team from one series to the next?

They ran into the red hot Tampa Bay Rays. No matter what the Astros did last night, pitching or otherwise, the Rays seemed to be one step ahead of everything we threw at them. Our usual big bats in the lineup could not get any offense going besides an early home run by Jose Altuve in the first and another solo home run by Michael Brantley in the bottom of the sixth.

Speaking of Altuve, he has had an uncharacteristically bad two games in this series on the field with a throwing error in the sixth inning. That’s his third error in the last two games according to Brian McTaggart, Houston Astros beat writer.

I hope something isn’t wrong with Altuve physically/mentally because he is such an important part of our team both offensively and defensively.

In last night’s post game presser, manager Dusty Baker summed up the series by saying,

“The big hit has been eluding us the whole series, and it seems like they get whatever they want,” manager Dusty Baker said. “Then the pinch-hitter bloops one to right field and scores two runs. So far, things haven’t gone our way. We really got our backs up against the wall. It’s a steep mountain to climb, but it’s not impossible. We just gotta tighten our belts, put our big boy pants on and come out fighting tomorrow.”

Michael Brantley echoed those sentiments,

“We have a tough challenge ahead of us, but this is a special team,” said Astros outfielder Michael Brantley, who homered in the sixth. “Never count us out.

On my phone, my wallpaper says Astros Today, Tomorrow, Forever. That sentiment is true and will forever be true. But last night’s game was disappointing in the fact that we seemed to have nothing go our way. But that’s life sometimes. Things just don’t go your way.

Here’s to hoping that tonight will be different, if not, it’s been one heck of a ride in 2020 boys.