Astros Trade Deadline: 3 approaches to the trade deadline

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Hunter Pence, Houston Astros
Hunter Pence, Houston Astros (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

2. Rentals

In a shortened season with tons of nagging injuries across the league, it’s hard to predict how much value you can get trading for a player who may not be available when needed. However, Houston may only need a bottom of the lineup bat, and some players might be worth borrowing for eight weeks of service. A few low-risk hitters Houston should consider are:

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Hunter Pence – I low-key want this to happen because I love everything Hunter Pence and want an Astros reunion. Pence is a career .280 hitter, was an All-Star last year, and knows what it takes to win a World Series. He wouldn’t need to play every day for this team, and he seems to always hit well at Minute Maid. At worst, you can plug him into the bottom of the lineup if the injuries keep mounting. He’s been bad in San Francisco so far this year on a one-year deal, so he might be a bargain trade piece.

Kevin Pillar – The Red Sox aren’t doing anything this year and Pillar is a solid bat who drove in 88 runs last year. You’d also know what you’re gonna get with him as far as production – he’s consistently batted around .260 since 2014 and gets a high amount of extra-base hits. He’d have some roster flexibility to cope with the injuries, and it would be appealing to have another righty bat that could smack balls in the Crawford Boxes.

Todd Frazier – No one knows the injury bug better than the ToddFather. The guy has been banged up for most of his thirties and doesn’t have the pop he had back in his All-Star days. But he seems to play much better when he doesn’t play for a team in New York state, and I can proudly say Houston is not in New York. Plugging him in at DH, or at third if Bregman is still hurt, would be a solid option for the ‘Stros.

Cameron Maybin – I told you I like Astros reunions. A trade for Maybin wouldn’t lead any headlines in the baseball world, but I think he’s an undervalued player at this point of his career. He produced well for the Yankees last year and had some great plays during Houston’s 2017 title run. As someone who could pinch-hit in certain spots, hits decently against both righties and lefties, and is still a threat around the bases, Maybin is worth another look.