Astros: Carlos Beltran the next Yankees manager?

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 23: Carlos Beltran
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 23: Carlos Beltran /

Retired Astros DH Beltran to interview for the Yankees manager position.

Carlos Beltran has officially buried his glove after winning the 2017 World Series with the Astros. This was after the team did a burial ceremony for his glove back in May. Now that he has put that last check on his bucket list, he walks away from a potential Hall of Fame career on top.

After playing baseball for 20 plus years, you would think that Beltran would want to relax. Following his retirement, that is exactly what he said, saying he wanted to take two years off to spend time with the family. Astros fans wanted him to be the next bench coach after Alex Cora left to manage the Red Sox.

Joe not Carlos.

Instead, Joe Espada was announced as the bench coach right after the World Series. Astros fans hoped that he would stay in the system in some fashion, but Beltran wanted to take some time off. Enjoy his family and ponder his future in baseball now that he is retired.

A natural leader?

Beltran didn’t do much with the bat this year, but I don’t think the Astros expected much from him. Instead, they brought him into work with the young stars. With his leadership, the Astros were able to do something they have not done ever, win the World Series.

Right after signing with the Astros last offseason, Beltran went to dinner with Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa. While Beltran was not the player he was back in 2004, the two stars wanted to learn from him. Altuve has expressed to him that he wanted to become better, then he wins the AL MVP.

Some people are skeptical about how much a player’s leadership can help the team. While there were many reasons, the Astros won it in 2017, the leadership of A.J. Hinch, Cora, and Beltran were vital. After the Astros lost three in a row to the Yankees on the road in the ALCS, Beltran called a team meeting.

The next Yankees skipper?

The Yankees have observed Beltran’s leadership style over the years. So it’s not surprising the will interview Beltran for the manager, according to Steve Phillips. He will be the sixth person to do so. Can he do so without much experience and his young age?

Wait, the Yankees still haven’t found a manager? What are they waiting for? They are waiting for the perfect fit for a team that almost crushed the Astros World Series dreams. When you have a high demand job like the Yankees, they can be patient with their choice.

Why does he suddenly want to interview for the Yankees job? It’s the Yankees, that job is not often vacant. Love them or hate them, the Yankees are one of the most popular teams around the country.

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Good luck to him but I don’t want to make the Yankees better with him as the manager. They can only get better and will be the Astros competition for years.