The Houston Astros are the 2017 World Series Champions!


Wow. Just wow. The Houston Astros are the World Series champions.


I still can’t wrap my mind around this one. It’s defintiely a surreal moment.

Wow. Just wow. A 5-1 Game 7 victory in the World Series for the Astros! Did it actually happened? Am I dreaming?

Thank goodness it actually happened! It wasn’t a dream!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect in this Game 7 in Dodger Stadium. Strangely enough, I had this calm feeling throughout the day on Wednesday. I was much more calm leading up to Game 7 than I was for Game 6. Maybe deep down I felt like the Astros were going to win it all. Or I made my peace with a Game 7 defeat. I’m still wrestling over that feeling.

This Game 7 was all Astros from the start. Thanks to his contributions since his “Golden Sombrero” in Game 1, George Springer delivered when it mattered most. He was the catalyst of the five runs scored on Wednesday for Houston. In turn, he was named the World Series MVP.

Charlie Morton also deserves a shoutout for his incredible performance to finish this game out. If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure how the Astros would’ve achieved the last twelve outs needed for the title. And each Astros player deserves a shout out, but we will get to that in due time.

There are so many different angles and stories that can be derived from this championship. Like the impact that the Astros had on the city of Houston following Hurricane Harvey. The past postseason heartbreaks. The rich history of the Astros dating back to their Colt .45 days in1962. How the Astros linked families and friends throughout the decades. The “Process” that general manager Jeff Luhnow used to allow the Astros to compete for a championship. The players and how their contributions this season made it all possible. And how the players from the 100-loss seasons kept at it when the Astros were the laughingstock in baseball.

Those stories will come eventually, but today  we celebrate the fact that the Astros are World Series champions!