Astros can erase the pain of yesteryear in one game

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 30: Derek Fisher
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 30: Derek Fisher /

Throughout the Astros’ history, the franchise has never held one distinction: the best team in baseball for a particular season.

Looking back, the Astros’ have a pretty rad history. Seriously, they do. And I take pride in that history.

For example, the Astrodome. The former Eighth Wonder of the World. It’s a shell of its former glory, sure, but it represented much more than that. It was Houston. And, in a strange way, it still defines Houston.

Then you have the rich history of talented players. From the likes of Larry Dierker and Jimmy Wynn in the early seasons to Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa today, Houston has been fortunate to see some great players represent their team.

Even the name “Astros” is pretty rad and original. No disrespect to former Astros’ owner Drake McLane, but a name change to something like the “Diesels” or “Wildcatters” would’ve been a terrible decision. Let me repeat that again: terrible. If you, the reader, ever get the chance, check out this article from the Houston Business Journal in 1997. To be fair, though, it is far from certain how much McLane considered changing the team moniker. That was just a rumor. Even current owner Jim Crane was rumored to be  considering a name change when he purchased the club. In any event, a name change wouldn’t have been welcomed in my book. Alas, my book isn’t worth much to team owners.

Then you have the memorable seasons of yesteryear.

First, there was the 1980 season. The Astros’ first postseason trip. Unfortunately, they lost that series in a tenth inning heartbreaker to the Phillies. Then the 1986 NLCS that saw the Astros fall in a tough six-game series against the Mets. That series ended in 16 innings. Just imagine how history could’ve changed if Game 7 has taken place with Mike Scott.

Then there was the Killer B era in Houston from the 1990’s through mid 2,000’s. The failures against the Braves and Kevin Brown, um, I mean the Padres. You also have the 2004 NLCS. And the team’s first trip to the Fall Classic happened in 2005. Sure, that World Series was a sweep, but a competitive one. Yes, those exist.

Fast forward to 2015 and you have the heartache of the ALDS against the Royals. The eighth inning of Game 4 lives on today. What could’ve been, right?

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This all culminates into Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. Otherwise known as Halloween. Or, better yet, my wife’s birthday. Anyway, the Astros are on the cusp on making the pain felt in yesteryear pale in comparison to the joy of today. And possibly again on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 if Game 6 doesn’t go their way. But the idea of the Astros achieving the ultimate franchise first is something we are not used to. It’s a welcomed feeling.