Astros now one win away from triple-digits

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 28: Carlos Correa
BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 28: Carlos Correa /

99 wins in a season is a heck of an accomplishment for the Astros.

When the Astros started the season on a torrid pace (42-16), the offense was obviously a key contributor. In fact, this offense has been arguably the best in baseball when you view the season as a whole.

Of course, the Astros went through stretches when the lineup had complications. For example, the loss of Carlos Correa in mid-July. Any lineup will struggle when one the best young hitters in baseball is out for long period of time.

Then you also have the usual up’s and down’s of a baseball season thrown into the equation. It is simply unrealistic to expect the team to be clicking every single game out of 162. There are going to be bumps in the road.

And, no, it’s not the manager’s fault.

Back to the 99 wins.

Thursday’s game against the Red Sox in Fenway Park was the 99th victory of the Astros’ 2017 season. The final score was 12-2. The lineup for has scored 49 runs in their last four games.

The team is now just one win shy of a triple-digit win total. This has only happened once in franchise history in 1998 with 102 wins. That’s kind of a big deal. While the Astros have fielded competitive teams off-and-on through their history, this team has the talent to be the best. It’s alreaady one of the best before the postseason even starts.

The remaining three games will determine one key component of the postseason: ALCS home field advantage. The Indians currently have the lead over the Astros by one game. Just one game. Unfortunately for Houston, Cleveland also owns the tibreaker as they own the season series 5-1. Essentially, the Astros would have to go at least win the series in Boston to surpass the Indians in the standings. And Cleveland would have to lose out. A tie will not simply suffice.

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The Astros’ 99 wins is still a significant milestone in franchise history. Another would make this season even more memorable. But the true test and reward awaits in the postseason.

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