Astros: Make a Statement for Your City

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 15: Jose Altuve
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 15: Jose Altuve /

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the city of Houston looks to their Astros for something beyond the wreckage; Hope.

The city of Houston is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. People have lost everything. The Astros are not excluded in this situation.

As it continues to test their spirit, let us remember that the greatest triumphs come from the darkest of places.

They hope for a better tomorrow, while deal with the worst of today. Their lives will never been the same, but Houstonians are showing us they are not defeated.

The Unsung Heroes

As chaos rained down, aid arrived. People from across our great state, our great nation rally behind Houston. They work tirelessly to save lives and repair this city.  No matter how angry we feel, let us not forget those who have gone above and beyond for their neighbors. The efforts of friends, family and complete strangers has done so much to refute the negativity we see across this country.

Everything Has Changed

Today is different. Our Astros will be home soon. Houston faces an uphill battle. But as Rocky Balboa says, “It’s not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. Astros fans, that is what today is all about. The Astros return home to show their city that you all will beat this storm.

Take the Fight to Them

The team has looked dismantled these past few days. Their heads are hanging, and their hearts are heavy. Much like the rest of us, we all are thinking about the people who have lost everything in this storm. However, the Astros have to stand up from this. They must realize their city, their fans want to see them win. In the midst of all that is wrong, there is one thing that can make it better, even for a moment.

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A city rattled by catastrophe looks to their team for inspiration. Astros, you are a symbol of hope; be that for your city.