Daily Astros Blast: Opening Day False Alarm


Wait, wasn’t today supposed to be Opening Day for the Houston Astros?!

Unfortunately, it appears that Mother Nature had other plans this Monday in the Big Apple.

This has undoubtedly put a damper for Astros fans everywhere as they were anxiously anticipating the start of the 2016 season. But to pick up your spirits this Monday afternoon, Issa Cook has asked around Climbing Tal’s Hill to get everyone to weigh in on what they expect from the Astros in 2016. Let’s just say that the outlook is quite optimistic, unlike today’s weather in New York.

And if that doesn’t do the job for you, there is still some interesting news regarding jobs on the team even though Spring Training is over. For example, the team finally named a closer earlier today, and it no other than Luke Gregerson! The news was scheduled to be released on Sunday, but the Astros felt compelled to push it back to today.

This news is somewhat surprising when considering the package it took from the Astros to pry Ken Giles away from the Philadelphia Phillies. But this latest news just re-enforces the notion that the team is all about who gets the best results. However, being tab a closer doesn’t hold the same significance that it did even ten years ago, especially for an organization who utilizes advanced statistics like the Astros. So don’t read too much into this and think Gregerson is definitely better than Giles.

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In other news, Astros fans have still been wondering what is the deal with Jon Singleton and his future as an Astro. A.J. Reed has supplanted him as the team’s top first baseman in the minors, and Tyler White is the major league club’s first baseman in the present. Could Singleton be afforded one last chance? Our own Larry Manch discusses this very issue in his latest post about the former top prospect. I know all Astros fans hope that another J.D. Martinez situation doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

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Even though Opening Day turned out to be a dud thus far for Astros fans, there is still plenty to be excited about regarding this team in 2016. And who knows, maybe not having that off day between Game 1 and Game 2 of the regular season could be beneficial for the Astros. Remember to look for the silver lining, right?