Houston Astros’ Fans Talk Prospects, But Don’t Forget About Jose Altuve


It’s a fun time to talk about which top prospects will be up with the Houston Astros, but please don’t forget about the player that the Astros already have in Jose Altuve!

Houston Astros fans love talking about A.J. Reed, Tyler White, Colin Moran and a bunch of other studs that are in the minor leagues. Fans want to call these players up to the big league level because they feel they are the next impact players on the team that could take the Astros to the World Series. Fans get so caught up in the prospect talk that they simply forget about a player that is better than all of those prospects. If fans keep taking for granted the player that they already have, then by the time his career is over they would have missed out on talking about him. They player that I am referencing is Jose Altuve.

Astros fans easily take for granted what they have at second base. Before writing this article, there hasn’t been enough Altuve talk, which I find laughable since he is the best player on the team. Altuve I is a rare commodity in the game right now. I don’t think fans realize how rare it is to have a beyond great hitting second baseman. In the American League last year there were only two players that hit .300 or above. Only two! That is crazy. It was Altuve and Jason Kipnis to hold that honor.

Not only did he lead in hitting for second baseman, but he also led in stolen bases in the American League with 38. The closest to him in the league as a second baseman was Jason Kipnis with only 12. Fans reading this should say, WOW, I didn’t realize how rare of a player Altuve is. Many teams in the American League would want to trade for Altuve.

To put Altuve in a little perspective from last year lets throw out the name Ben Zobrist. A lot of teams this offseason wanted Ben Zobrist because he could hit, play different positions and he was a great all-around player. The Cubs eventually signed him to four years, 56 million dollars. Altuve knocked Zobrist out of the park this year in his game. Altuve had more home runs, RBI, higher batting average, stolen bases and on top of it all, he won a gold glove. Zobrist will be making 10.5 million dollars next year while Altuve will be making 3.5 million dollars. If Altuve was out on the open market, there is not telling what teams would have paid for him. Astros fans simply take for granted what they have.

Altuve is only 25 years old and, who knows, the Astros could have him for another ten years of his career. He already has 830 hits in his career and should have 1,000 by the end of the season. Astros fans could be witnessing, without even knowing it, the best player in Astros history. When it’s all said and done, he could be better than Hall of Famer Craig Biggio. I know it’s fun to talk about Reed and White, but those players will never be as good as Altuve.

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After reading this, I hope you take some time out of your day to stop talking about Reed and company and talk about Altuve because before you know it his career will be over.