Astros Rumors: Should the Astros trade Carlos Gomez?


Astros Rumors: Is Carlos Gomez on the Trading Block?

During the Winter Meetings, Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle almost gave me a heart attack with last week’s Astros rumors. Drellich Tweeted that the Houston Astros were getting significant interest from other teams in George Springer, Carlos Gomez, and Vincent Velasquez. Yes, this was an old Tweet from last Thursday, because Velasquez is now a Philadephia Phillie pitcher. The player that really made me sick to my stomach was Springer, but after the initial shock, I realized that it would take a haul to get that done. Springer

If Springer were to get traded, it would be like trading Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa, it would be a public relations nightmare unless it returned a Clayton Kershaw or Chris Sale. While he’s not untouchable, he is as close to untouchable as it might get. Yes, Springer has not become the mega star yet, but it took Bryce Harper a few seasons before he really broke out. The Astros will stick with Springer for a while; he is the heart and soul of this Astros team.

Gomez, however, is not really in the same situation as Springer. Following last year’s trade deadline, the dynamic outfielder will be a free-agent after this season and might command enough money to keep the Astros out of re-signing him for 2017 and beyond. Coming off one of his worst seasons in his career, Gomez has the extra motivation to earn a large payday following the season. The Astros could use his trade value to acquire a starting pitcher along the lines of a Carlos Carrasco.

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Wait, why would the Astros take away a strength of the team to add a starting pitcher? I’m glad you asked, both Gomez and Colby Rasmus will both be free agents following the 2016 season. The outfield free-agent market this offseason has been a rare strength this offseason with Jason Heyward, Alex Gordon, Justin Upton, Dexter Fowler, Brett Gardner, and Yoenis Cespedes all on the market. While the outfield market has been slow at getting started, Heyward started the dominoes to fall with him joining the Cubs.

What does this have to do with the Astros? If there are few options for outfielders for the 2017 season, why not sign one of the quality ones right now while they are available. My favorite is Gordon, who doesn’t have the power of Gomez, but has a way to put the bat on the ball. This asset would be very valuable on this swing and miss team.

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I would rather have a year of Gomez for now because he has the power-speed combination that is rare to find. Would Gordon perform better, maybe? By trading Gomez now, they may be selling low on him following the 2015 sub par performance, but the premium outfield free agents would not be around by the trade deadline where Gomez could have the most value. The Astros will have to make a decision on whether to trade or hold on to Gomez soon.