Houston Astros: Is Carlos Correa the Next J.J. Watt Figure of Houston?


Will the Houston Astros Carlos Correa be the Baseball Version of J.J. Watt?

Sports fans and non-sports fans alike can agree on one thing: JJ Watt is one of the main central figures of Houston.  From numerous commercials to billboards to delivering pizzas, Watt has become an icon and a role model.  But at one point Watt was just a sensational rookie who took the league by storm.  The same can be said about Houston Astros’ Rookie of the Year winner Carlos Correa.  So this begs the question: Will Carlos Correa have the same impact on Houston that J.J. Watt has had?

Carlos Correa certainly has the personality to be a large sports figure in Houston.  Even as a rookie, one can see the maturity in the twenty-one-year old’s interviews, manner, and general personality.  He is ready for big time moments; he is ready to be a Houstonian icon. He has already developed a look with his Fedora that he wore after games and during his broadcasting debut during the World Series.

The media also loves Carlos Correa.  They love the young, well-spoken kid.  He went to several World Series games, and ESPN loved it and showed him several times throughout the five-game series. Everyone who has seen Correa play thinks that he will be good, so he should become very marketable in the future. He was in the top 10 jerseys sales in the MLB in 2015; he could be the new Mike Trout in terms of his image as the face of baseball.

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He supports the other teams in the Houston area, going to the Texans practice (and saying he would not mind playing football, which made some Astros fans freak out), going to Rockets games, including one preseason game I was fortunate enough to attend.  The media, local and national, covers these supporting moves and send their approval.

What does Carlos Correa have left to do to become this central figure in Houston?  Well, first of all, he needs to stay consistent.  It took Watt a couple of years, a couple of pro-bowls, to become who he is today in the city.  Yes, Correa did win Rookie of the year, something Watt did not do, but he must continue to improve and become the best he can be.

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Fame in a city can come in the blink of an eye, but lasting fame takes hard work and likability, something the young phenom is definitely capable of doing.  Who knows, maybe someday soon we’ll see Carlos Correa commercials and pizza deliveries.