Astros Rumors: The Stove is Heating up on Ken Giles


Astros Rumors: Holiday Delivery for the Astros – Ken Giles

The Winter Meetings are drawing to a close with the Rule V draft tomorrow; the Houston Astros are yet to make a deal. Astros GM Jeff Luhnow is not an impulse buyer; he will wait for the deal that he thinks will help the club on the field and in the clubhouse. While there has been little action, the talk that we have heard has been Luhnow looking around to find the right deal to help the Astros win in 2016.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Phillies Insider Jim Salisbury reported that talks were heating up between the Astros and Phillies surrounding closer Ken Giles. Salisbury also mentioned that the Phillies media session has been pushed back, most likely due to working on a potential deal. While it is not sure who will be involved in the rumored trade, one person that will not be included is budding ace Lance McCullers Jr. according to Jayson Stark.

What’s the price to get a talented, yet unproven, young closer who can throw 97 mph? According to Baseball-Reference, Giles is arbitration eligible in 2018 and will be a free agent in 2021. The Astros are not trading for an Aroldis Chapman or Drew Storen, who would only be one year players, they are trading for the next five years. Many people say the Astros have a five-year window to win big.

Who could be going to the Phillies in a potential deal? Vincent Velasquez, one of the 2015 first round draft class, Michael Feliz, or Derek Fisher could be a guideline for a deal, but it will be hard pressed for A.J. Reed to not be included in a trade. Luhnow understands that it is nice to have the talent in the minors, but the Astros need the major league pieces for 2016.

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There have been rumors that other teams are checking in on George Springer and Carlos Gomez by Evan Drellich, but I don’t see the Phillies wanting Gomez because they are trying to shed salary. A team like the Cubs would be a good fit for Gomez, but the Astros would have to get a good return. However, trading Springer would be a bad move outside of getting someone like Chris Sale. While I know players are like trading cards, Springer is the heart and soul of Club Astros. He will not be traded.

Getting back to Giles, he was 6-3 last season with a 1.80 ERA and 87 strikeouts in 70 innings pitched with the Phillies in 2015. The Phillies are in the middle of a rebuild, so like the Astros at the time, don’t really have the need for a closer. Giles could fetch 3-4 players from the Astros, who could help then restart their return to contention. The Phillies traded Jonathan Papelbon last season; it appears that Giles will be next.

According to Jayson Stark, the Astros a Phillies are working a deal around Velasquez and two more prospects. Keep turned to CTH for hot stove coverage. Create your best trade proposal and submit to @astrosCTH.