Houston Astros: Is the Jake Marisnick era in Houston over?


The Houston Astros Are Willing to Listen on Jake Marisnick

Just when you thought it was too quiet without the Houston Astros making any headlines, news broke late in the day that the Astros were shopping Chris Carter before tomorrow’s non-tender deadline. This was not breaking news, as we have suspected for a while that Carter’s days with the Astros are numbered. However, what was breaking news was that according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, “Astros were willing to listen on centerfielder Jake Marisnick in the right deal.”

The Astros are willing to trade the speedy player who makes all the ladies swoon with his flowing locks. Ok, I’m done with that part, Marisnick is the perfect fourth outfielder with speed and can play great defense in the outfield. He is the type of player that playoff teams need down the stretch and in the playoffs. When it’s time to get the slugger out of the game and bring on a defender, Marisnick can pinch run or replace someone in the outfield. The problem is, all the Astros outfielders are good defenders with Colby Rasmus, George Springer, and Carlos Gomez.

The point that I am trying to make is that the value of having Marisnick on the team is not as valuable as he would be on another team. Yes, Marisnick can give the occasional day to all three of our outfielders, but the Astros have Preston Tucker and possibly Tony Kemp, who can get the starts on those days. Due to the dynamic of the Astros outfield, Marisnick’s value is neutralized in Houston. Jeff Luhnow often referred to Marisnick as an elite defender last season, so he will not be traded for garbage.

However, for a team that signs a player like Mike Napoli to be the everyday left fielder, having a player like Marisnick to come off the bench with speed and defense is valuable. His best value would be on a team with a need for an everyday guy in centerfield where his defense will stand out. The only reason the Astros could not commit to Marinick as a starter was his OBP, which was .281 in both his first two semi-regular seasons in 2014-15. At his best, Marisnick could be a 10-12 homer and 30 stolen base type of hitter, but his on-base percentage brings his value down. Stats from Baseball-Reference.

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One thing we have learned from the Marisnick in his time in Houston is that he can be great when he’s hot like in April of 2015, but be an absolute bust when he’s cold. While the Astros could survive his streakiness because of his value to the team on defense. Defense does have value, especially to a team with weak corner defenders. Teams will trade value for Marisnick, but don’t expect to get Aroldis Chapman straight up for him.

Crasnick suggested that the three teams that would make the most sense are the Indians, Mariners, and Giants. What the Astros could realistically be looking for is packaging Marisnick and a prospect for maybe a closer (Jake McGee of Brad Boxberger) or maybe Zach McAllister from the Indians. They probably tried to improve the bullpen through a Carter trade, but they appear to be moving on to the coveted defense that everyone looks for in trades. Maybe he could be traded for the player in the post below?

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Nothing appears imminent, but things could change quickly. The report was that the Astros would consider trading Marisnick for the right trade. Marisnick is still an Astro for now, with the Winter Meetings approaching, we will see what happens. Just remember, the Astros don’t have to deal Marisnick.