Astros: Comparing Carlos Correa’s Rookie Season with Jeff Bagwell’s

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Third Difference

WAR (Wins Over Replacement)

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Despite Correa’s glowing stats, Bagwell’s WAR in 1991 was 4.3 while Correa had a 3.3 WAR from Fangraphs. Part of this could be the fact that Bagwell played a full season, while Correa only played in 99 games with a June call-up and missing a week with an injury in the second half of the season. The only reason Bagwell’s WAR wasn’t higher was his defensive WAR brought the overall WAR down a little. Bagwell had a better batting average (.296 to .279) and on-base percent (.387 to .345), but Correa showed more pop in his bat with the .512 slugging percentage compared to Bagwell’s .437.

Bagwell scored more runs and created more runs that Correa with a wRC of 100 compared to Correa’s 67. Correa demonstrated the most speed early while Bagwell used his instincts to steal down the road. With the experience of 2015, Correa can only get better and hopefully one day we will be discussing him for the Hall of Fame like we are Bagwell and Craig Biggio.

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