Astros’ fans need to vote for George Springer for Heart and Hustle Award


The Houston Astros made the postseason based on some great free-agent signings by GM Jeff Luhnow and great play by some rising stars. One of those rising stars is outfielder George Springer, who just finished his second season in the big leagues. When Springer got his wrist fractured versus the Kansas City Royals, the Astros lost some of his hustle and heart that he plays with every day during his absence. While he was always there in the dugout cheering on his teammates, it’s hard to replace all the attributes on the field, so they went through an offensive slump for a while.

It’s only fitting that Springer is one of 30 players across baseball up for the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association’s Heart and Hustle Award that will be awarded on November 10th. Every active MLB player and Alumni will get a vote so that the fans vote will be about 5% of the overall vote. With that being said, we need Astros fans to vote for Springer to win this award by voting below. You must vote before noon in October 29th.

Vote Springer for the MLBPAA Heart and Hustle Award here.

How many times have you seen Springer run full speed into the wall to make a highlight catch? During the offseason, A.J. Hinch said that third base coach Gary Pettis told him that we need to teach Springer how to run into walls. Yes, he suffered a concussion this year after running into the wall to make a catch, but he did not let that change his aggressiveness on going for the catch. He is all about that #Hustle, which is why he has become such a polarizing player in Houston.

What about all those times that Springer went first to third? He may not have had many stolen bases in 2015, his speed is best seen getting the extra base and running down a fly ball. He doesn’t just run casually into second base on a double; he looks for the opportunity to get to third base Evan Gattis style. There is a reason that the Houston Astros postseason slogan was #HustleTown because that is the attitude of Springer and the other young players. If Springer is struggling at the plate, he still makes a positive impact on the bases and in the outfield.

His hustle led to 19 doubles, two triples, and 16 stolen bases in 2015 which were all career highs in his brief career. However, his #heart can be seen in the way he interacts with the other players. He is the creator and DJ of Club Astros after all. He celebrates his teammates successes and gives words of encouragement when they struggle. He is the firecracker who ignited the Astros to overachieve in 2015 and bring relevant baseball back to Houston after a ten-year hibernation.

He is my favorite Astros player because he was our “light at the end of the tunnel” that helped me get through all those losing years. Plus, his energy and hustle reminds me of another former Astros phenom Hunter Pence. Why vote for anyone else, Springer is like a boss!

Let’s hear what other Astros fans have to say about Springer.

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@AustinAstrosFan – Did you see him hustle from 1st to home in the 7th inning of ALDS game 4?

@BradfordTRine – Springer only knows how to play one way – all out.

@justwinph – Quite simply, he’s the heartbeat of that team. Without him, it dove. When healthy, it was awesome!

@JimGolembowski – Heart for Club Astros, Hustle for continually putting his body imprint in the RF wall at MMP.

@jay_d53 – Team had a mini collapse without him. Team MVP. Life goes out the dugout without him. Sells his body out every game in the field.

@BesongE – He’s a triple threat. Can hit, steal and plays great defense

@LukeRKirkwood – Springer always goes for the extra base out of the box and throws his body around in the outfield to get the out.

@dkdeberry – He nearly killed himself by slamming headfirst into the wall while making a great catch. Enough said.

@tom_coats – He’s the glue to the clubhouse and we need his fire!

@TheRealSalami – His energy and heart on and off the field created a presence that went beyond contagious.

@DsouthHouTex – he’s the most dynamic RF I’ve seen in awhile. He can make plays and hit blasts, but also can run the bases and steal.

Vote Springer for the MLBPAA Heart and Hustle Award here.

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