Houston Astros: Tales of the Long Distance Astros Fans Attending ALDS

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Jennifer Alderman

Photo by Jennifer Alderman

Jennifer Alderman @JifferAlderman

CTH: Why did you start rooting for the Astros?

Alderman: I started rooting for the Astros because my mom has been a diehard fan since she first moved to Houston when she was a teenager. We didn’t live in Houston when I was young so I didn’t develop my own Astros obsession until I was a freshmen in High School (2000). I started going to Spring Training with my sister, mom and mom’s friend 7 years ago and it’s now an annual tradition.

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  • CTH: What is it like rooting for a team that is so far away?

    Alderman: I previously lived in Dallas before I moved to Chicago a year ago, and I actually find it easier to follow the Astros the further away I am. Since I’m out of the MLBTv blackout zone. It’s hard not to get to go to multiple games in person but I try to make it to a few every year. I also make sure to attend every game the Astros are in town.

    CTH: How do you keep up with the Astros?

    Alderman: Mostly watching on MLBTv and also a group text with fellow Astros fans.

    CTH: Was it hard as a long distance fan during the Process period?

    Alderman: It was hard but it’s actually been a fun process to watch (I can say that now that we’re seeing the benefits of rebuilding). Thanks to twitter I’m always connected with other Astros fans, many who are also out of state fans, so that has made it easier. We might be a smaller fan base, but we are a fiercely loyal group. It’s been fun meeting other Astros fans and I’m not sure that would have happened if we hadn’t weeded out all the bandwagon fans.

    CTH: How far did you travel?

    Alderman: I came from Chicago and according to Google my house is 1,085 miles away from MMP.

    CTH: How did you justify the expense to yourself or your significant other?

    Alderman: I’m single so I do what I want. I’m also very fortunate to have a friend who works at an airline who gets my discounts and friends to stay with for free. So my costs were really limited to tickets and buying Tex-Mex for every meal.

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    CTH: As a long distance fan, what was the experience like being there last night? (Game 3 of ALDS)

    Alderman: I’m so glad that I was able to make it. It’s always more fun to cheer with other fans then at your television in your living room. I really wish we could have won the series at home but it wouldn’t be the Astros if they didn’t make it as stressful as possible.

    CTH: Who is your favorite Astro?

    Alderman: Of all time- Biggio. Current- it’s SO hard to choose. I’m going to pick Springer because he always looks like he’s having so much fun with his sweet haircut and dugout dance moves. Oh and he’s not too bad at playing baseball either.

    Thanks to both Matt and Jennifer for taking the time to answer a few questions about their long distance love of the Houston Astros. There are many more stories out there, send them to CTH and we might publish a few more of these.

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