Houston Astros: No Playoff Experience? No Problem!


Following a 3-0 defeat of the New York Yankees, a team drenched in playoff experience, one has to wonder: does it matter? Of course, who wouldn’t want to have someone who has been there before? Someone who doesn’t have the “first-time” butterflies, someone who could tell you what to expect. In the grand scheme of things, however, does it really affect the outcome of the games? It didn’t show in the Houston Astros’ wildcard victory.

The Astros, as a team, are an average of 26 years old. The New York Yankees, the team, said Astros just conquered, are an average of 31 years old. These two clubs account for the youngest and oldest rosters in baseball. With age comes postseason experience, especially when you are talking New York Yankees.

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Alex Rodriguez himself has more postseason experience than this entire Astros team(who have the bulk of their experience in the back part of the bullpen). Not to mention Mark Texeira, Jacoby Ellsbury, etc. But let’s not forget, the same rung true with the 2014 Royals.

The Astros could be the 2015 version of the Royals, say the “Cinderella Story,” the 2010 Butler Bulldog basketball team. The Astros head to the ALDS against such Royals on Thursday. I already hear how they “have the advantage in experience” and while this is true, what does that mean? Does that increase their chance of winning because they have played in October before?

After all, we are still playing baseball here. The bases are still 90 feet, the mound is still 60 feet 6 inches, and the fans are still annoyingly over-obsessing with the wave. Nothing about post-season baseball is different baseball wise. But man oh man is the atmosphere different. I remember going to the playoffs at Minute Maid back when the Astros and Cardinals went at it in the NLCS seemingly every year, and just walking into the gate you got the chills.

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You get the feel from this Astros team that no moment is too big for them. I don’t know what their record was on national television this season, but I guarantee you it was outstanding. It seems as if when the lights shine the lightest, this team comes to play. Having guys like Carlos Gomez and George Springer providing energy and always keeping the team loose has been huge in the confidence they are playing with.

While experience can’t hurt anyone, I don’t think the Astros have any less chance of winning any single game/series because they haven’t “played in October before.” The atmosphere is much stronger but as a major league baseball player it comes down to playing ball and playing it well. That is what will win you championships, not “postseason experience”.