Houston Astros: Updated Playoff Scenarios Following Friday’s Games


The Houston Astros control their own fate for the 2015 playoffs as they have a full game lead on the Los Angelas Angels and a two-game lead on the Minnesota Twins. The Angels did not follow the Astros plans on Friday night by beating the AL West-leading Rangers. The Twins were held back by the Kansas City Royals last night 3-1, so with the win by the Astros, the Twins move further away from the Astros the other directions. I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on the playoff races following Friday’s games.

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The Rangers

The Rangers control their own destiny as well and can help the Astros to get into the playoffs. With last night’s ninth-inning loss to the Angels, the Rangers have an 87-73 record. The Astros have an 85-75 record, which leaves them two games short of the tying the AL West with only two games left. There are a few scenarios that could unfold here, so let’s look them. They will clinch with one more Astros loss or Rangers

Scenario 1: The Angels win the last two games with the Rangers and the Astros win their last two games, the Rangers would finish with the same record as the Astros. The Astros would then fly to Arlington to play a tie-breaker game for the division lead. The loser would then fly to New York to play the Wild-Card game versus the Yankees on Tuesday. The winner would then fly to Toronto to play the Blue Jays in the AL Division Series.

Scenario 2: The Rangers win or the Astros lose one of two games; the Rangers would then win the AL West. They have a magic number of 1 to clinch the division. The Astros would have to win last two games and count on the Rangers to be swept by the Angels. However, I don’t like the idea of playing a one-game loser goes home series versus the Rangers, so I’m hoping the Rangers win the West. I’d rather face the Rangers in a five-game series versus a one-game road series.

The Angels

The Angels have to win out and hope that the Astros lose a game. The Angels could find themselves out of the playoffs despite only being one game behind the Astros and three games behind the Rangers. The Angels win last night kept them in the race for now.

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Scenario 1: If the Angels finish by winning the last two games, to at least tie, the Astros would have to lose at one or two games. If the Astros win both games, then the Astros will tie with the Rangers and the Angels will be left out of the playoffs. Imagine how they will feel if they win the last three games but fall short?

Scenario 2: The Astros could have used all of their offense in last night’s game and don’t win any more games this season, the Angels will force a tiebreaker with the Astros with at least one win. This game would be played in Houston on Monday if necessary.

The Twins

The Twins are not helping themselves; they have to win out and hope the Astros lose next two games to at least tie. This will be a photo finish, I had a blast watching Crush City take care of business last night and can’t wait for the game tonight. The Astros should clinch at least a playoff position today.

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