The Greatest Houston Astros Pitching Trio of All Time

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The Greatest Houston Astros Pitching Trio of All Time

Brian McTaggart recently did a look back at a historic pitching performance by Jim Deshaies that kicked off three consecutive days of dominant Astros pitching. It got me thinking about all the great pitching the Astros have had over the years. Great pitching has been their calling card almost since their inception.

Even when nothing else went right, they usually had good pitching. Just think back to their lone World Series run in 2005 when their pitching carried them by leading the league in awesomeness. Overcoming the lineup leading the league in bleh-ness (those are official stats calculated by the Swafford Power Index Tracker, or SPIT).

McTaggart’s retrospective got me thinking — what is the best trio of Astros starters of all time? Let’s take a look at their best starters through the years. And just for clarification up front, since you might see some individuals missing, I only selected trios that played together for three seasons or more. Accordingly, their stats are only the accumulations of what they did over those 3+ years.

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