Houston Astros: Three Positives from 15-1 Win Over Yankees


The Houston Astros needed a big win on the road like Chris Carter needed to learn how to hit a breaking ball. One of those was possible on Tuesday night, the Astros won a big game on the road to finally reach 70 wins on the season. Take a second a let that soak in, 70 wins already after winning only 70 games last year. We still have time in August and September to add to the wins totals.

This season has been a magical run for the Houston Astros, but the excitement has been tempered by the team’s inability to score runs on the road. After Monday’s 1-0 loss to the Yankees, most Astros fans had to be thinking here we go again. Scott Feldman pitched a great game, but the offense failed to capitalize. You can read more about Feldman here: Houston Astros: Where does Scott Feldman fit in the rotation?

With Dallas Keuchel on the mound, the Astros had to like their chances, but would Keuchel have to be perfect with the way the offense has struggled? If they played the game on paper, the Astros would have been given the win prior to the game with their ace on the hill. The Astros did play, and the broke out of their offensive woes on the road in a big way. They scored five runs in the first inning to give Keuchel the breathing room just to cruise through the rest of the game. The Yankees were never in the game, as they lose 15-1.

Let’s take a second to look at three big positives from Tuesday’s night win.

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Finally get a blowout road win.

Prior to last night’s game, Brian McTaggart reports that “the Astros have lost 29 of last 38 road games.” The Astros have not won a road series since a two-game sweep of the Colorado Rockies June 17-18. To make it even worse, the last time the Astros won a road series of three games or more was all the way back in April with the sweep of the San Diego Padres.

The Astros have not won the Yankees three-game series right now, but they could do so later today with the Collin McHugh and Michael Pineda rematch from earlier in the season. The Astros won that matchup behind a strong pitching performance from McHugh. If the Astros win this game today, it will be a great big step in the positive direction towards winning on the road more consistently.

The Astros scored 15 runs on 15 hits, which is very impressive considering the recent history on the road. What changed tonight? Funny you should ask.

Carlos Gomez finally shows what he is capable of.

The Astros took on a big risk by trading for Carlos Gomez because he would not have been available if he was having a typical Gomez season. For a while there, it looked like the Astros were fleeced in the trade by the Brewers. However, last Friday, Mike Fiers threw his first career no-hitter. I wrote about that game here: Mike Fiers a No-Hitter versus Dodgers, 11th All-Time for Astros. However, Gomez was still struggling at the plate and breaking bats on his leg in frustration.

August 25, 2015, marked the first official day with students returning to school in my district. Does this coincide with the day that Gomez found his groove? That is yet to be seen, but for one game, Gomez has made a positive impact at the plate in a meaningful situation. He started off his day with an RBI double and scored a few hitter later. One at-bat, Gomez flew out with Evan Gattis at first and was frustrated with himself that he did an angry bat flip. The Yankees catcher and bench took offense to that, and the benches cleared.

While Gomez said he didn’t mean any disrespect to the Yankees, he used the way they responded to fuel his game hitting his second homer with the Astros. Gomez finished the day 2 for 6 with four runs batted in, but it was a step in the positive direction. Baby Steps, Bob!

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Dallas Keuchel looked sharper than recent starts.

It’s hard to complain about a guy that is 15-6 with a 2.28 ERA, but it’s no secret that Dallas Keuchel has not been the dominate pitcher from earlier in the season. Even though he struggled through some starts, he still managed to get through seven innings despite not being super effective. It was nice to see the shut you down Keuchel last night.

Also, sometimes when a pitcher is handed a large lead, they tend to relax a little and allow some runs to score. Not Keuchel, he treated it like it was a 0-0 game with the way he pitched and kept runners off base.

There were many other positives from this game, such as Jason Castro getting three hits, Marwin Gonzalez going deep, and Evan Gattis getting back in the homer column. If Gomez didn’t have such a big game, I could have focused on the offense as a whole.

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