CTH’s Houston Astros Players of the Week (Aug 10 – 16)


The Houston Astros rebounded nicely after a very tough week on the west coast. They hung around for a two-game series against reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants, making a splash or two in McCovey’s Cove while splitting the series. Then they returned home, thankfully, and played a fun three game series against Detroit that saw them win two of three.

With all of the road woes Houston had earlier in the month, it makes me wonder if George Springer has some ruby shoes that he puts on and clicks the heels together, as he chants “there’s no place like Minute Maid…there’s no place like Minute Maid.”

On to the awards!

Pitchers of the Week: Collin McHugh & Dallas Keuchel

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This was a tough call this week as both Collin McHugh and Dallas Keuchel had some outstanding performances. If you compare their lines, you’ll notice they are almost identical. McHugh’s tamed the Tigers with this performance:

7.0 IP, four hits, one earned run, two walks, seven strikeouts

Unfortunately he did not pick up the win as the bullpen faltered after he left.

Keuchel also put the Tigers in a cage with this:

7.0 IP, six hits, one earned run, one walk, eight strikeouts

Cy Beard got the all-important W.

When looking at those two lines, you can see why it’s a co-award this week. The Houston Astros are good hands when either of these two are on the bump.

Hitter of the Week: Colby Rasmus

Colby Rasmus played in only three of the five games played this week. And he sure made the most of his opportunities. While he wasn’t a hitting machine, he was instrumental in helping the Houston Astros win two of the three with key home runs. One was nearly a splash down in San Francisco (bounced off the pier first), and then he belted two in yesterday’s win over Detroit. His total line looked like this:

.273/.333/1.091, three hits, three home runs, three runs, three RBI, walk

He didn’t have the highest batting average of the week, but his key ‘Colby Jacks’ helped put the team over the top.

Weekly Goat: Carlos Gomez

Man, I hate to pick on the new guys, but CarGo had a pretty rough week at the dish. His defense was alright, but he left a lot to be desired with his stick work. Over the past five games, Gomez mustered ONE hit in 18 at bats. That gave him this paltry line:

.056/.056/.056, a hit, five strikeouts

I have faith that Carlos Gomez will eventually find his way at the dish. Perhaps he’s trying to hard to make an impression on his new teammates. Whatever the case, the Houston Astros need him to get it going.

Redemption Player: Chris Carter

Chris Carter is a favorite pinata for Houston Astros fans. He’s an easy target that’s easy to whack because his batting has been so inconsistent this year. This week, though, he had a solid effort at the plate:

.250/.400/.375, run, two hits, a double, two RBI, two walks

The numbers don’t jump out at you, but considering CC is hitting .182/.298/.375 on the season, it’s a noticeable improvement.

That’s all for this week!

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