Houston Astros Cribs: Exclusive Look at Jose Altuve’s Casa.


You know Jose Altuve won the AL batting title last year, started his first All-Star game in his third appearance this year, and is a key part of the Houston Astros winning in 2015. We also got to know Altuve through his documentary detailing his rise to the player he was now, despite all the adversity he faced as a young player. We see Altuve manning second base for the Astros on a daily basis, as well as disrupting the pitcher’s train of thoughts with his speed on the bases.

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Some of you probably wonder what Altuve is like at home, is he running around the place with a big ball of energy? What type of house does he have, how big is it? These are some of the questions Astros fans probably have about his casa.

Well, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC decided to do something about this. They got with some of the top All-Stars in 2015 and past All-Stars and took a peek at their home away from the ballpark. They are partnering up with MLB.com and others to present you 14 baseball stars homes, concluding with your own Houston Astros Jose Altuve.

Below is part of the press released prior to the original episode.

"”Baseball fans love to root for their favorite players, and getting an insider’s look into their homes is like hitting a home run. With that in mind, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, have partnered for the second consecutive year to offer an exclusive look into the different places some of the biggest names in baseball call home.The 14-week series, starting today on the Coldwell Banker® Blue Matter blog, will offer behind-the-scenes videos of more than a dozen baseball stars. Each video will feature an exclusive look at the player’s home along with interviews on what home means to them. The Coldwell Banker Real Estate series leads with a look inside the home and off-the-field life of Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star outfielder, Yasiel Puig. – Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC“"

Here is the video.

Getting inside Jose Altuve’s Comfort Zone by Coldwell Banker.

Was he sweating the All-Star voting process? When you have a home like this, you can’t help but relax in the pool, hot tub, or the media room. Feel free to check this out as well as the other baseball stars you can find in the link below. Let’s hope that the Astros get a win tonight, so Altuve can go relax in his house.

Homefield Advantage Lineup.

Thanks to Coldwell Banker Real Estate for giving us a sneak peek into Jose Altuve’s crib.

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