Houston Astros: Positives from Loss to Rangers on Monday Night

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Carlos Correa‘s home run in 1st inning proves he’s a BEAST

Seriously what can this kid not do??? Correa hit a 2-run shot in the 1st inning off Colby Lewis on a pitch that was actually not all that bad. The pitch was hittable, but the swing was really good. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a lazy foul ball down the left field line and then all of a sudden it slams against the foul pole and the Astros have a 2-0 lead.

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The swing almost looked completely effortless, which is why I think it shows how much of a beast Correa really is. If that ball is hit by anyone else on the Astros roster, it’s not a home run (except maybe Chris Carter, but he doesn’t hit the ball when he swings). The pure strength involved in that home run was special, and it should help to remind Astros fans how great of a shortstop Houston has for the future.

Another thing Astros fans should appreciate about Correa, he now has a .375 batting average (6 for 16) against those Texas Rangers with two home runs and six RBIs. Since the All-Star Break, he’s 20 for 58 with six home runs and fifteen RBIs. It’s really unbelievable to watch this kid get better and better with each MLB game he plays, but it’s happening, and Astros fans are loving every minute of it.