Mark DeRosa’s Interesting Mock Astros Trade


3 MORE HOURS!!! The trade deadline is almost here, and the Astros still aren’t finished making moves, according to general manager Jeff Luhnow. After acquiring Scott Kazmir, Carlos Gomez, and Mike Fiers, the Astros have addressed their needs at starting pitcher and in the outfield. But, there’s one more aspect of this team that could use an upgrade: the bullpen.

According to many sources around the league, the Astros have been talking with the Padres about “something big”. I wrote an article yesterday about some Astros and Padres deals that could happen, so you can go check that out if you wish.

But, it’s also been noted that the Astros are talking with the Reds about Aroldis Chapman. The Diamondbacks have also discussed with the Reds, as Tony LaRussa wants him badly. Here’s the mock trade from Mark DeRosa between the Astros and Reds:

Many Astros fans were quick to reject DeRosa’s mock trade proposal, but I think it should be given much more consideration. Mark Appel, even though he was a #1 overall pick, has struggled in the minor leagues. He had a 5.33 ERA for AAA Fresno and had a 4.26 ERA in Corpus Christi before being promoted. He hasn’t been the dominant pitcher that we were all hoping for, and Astros fans need to start owning up to that. He isn’t, and shouldn’t be, an untouchable prospect.

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Preston Tucker would be a really difficult player to give up, as he has been great for the Astros in July. After hitting .189  (BA) in June, he brought his average up to .305 in July and has hit five home runs in his last nine games started. Tucker has proven in the last few games to be one of the most consistent bats in the lineup and doesn’t deserve to be traded.

I want Aroldis Chapman’s 100+ MPH fastball closing out the World Series in October, but I think we can acquire him without giving up Tucker. I would throw in Jake Marisnick, and this trade would definitely be fair. Marisnick would probably give the Reds one of the top 5 defensive outfields in the MLB and will immediately start once they trade Jay Bruce.

As much as I love watching Marisnick in an Astros uniform, the Astros upgraded last night with their acquisition of Gomez, and there’s really no turning back from that. Appel and Marisnick for Chapman would be a great trade for both the Astros and Reds, and would make Houston the immediate favorite to win the AL West and perhaps even the AL Pennant. Should be an exciting next few hours for sure.

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